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Franklin Method® Workshop Series - Pelvic Power & Core Integration


Are you ready to tap into your Pelvic Power? Have you ever wondered whether your pelvis is in the right position when you take different classes? What is the best way to train your core? Would you like to use your pelvis better during the daily activities of walking, bending, sitting, standing?
This is 5 week series that will include:

·      Looking at the design and function of the pelvis

·      Learning to create a balance in movement throughout the pelvis

·      Improving pelvic posture

·      Improving pelvic and hip mobility

·      Ball and band exercises to reduce tension and strengthen

·      A plan on how to care for your pelvis in your daily life and exercise

Dates: 11/1, 11/8, 11/15, 11/22, 11/29

Time: 9:30am-11am

This is an opportunity to understand your pelvis, notice your postural patterns and the way your body is used to moving, so you can begin to change and build new movement patterns. You will connect to the power of the mind and develop a mental toolbox of imageries to help you improve your movement which you will be able to access anytime. You will have the tools to feel better in your body that you can implement right away.

This is very different than a group fitness class where you are exercising in your current patterns and habitual movements. In the Franklin Method® , by understanding your body, you have a better sense of how to use it. You become more aware of what you are doing and can change your patterns. This will make your body more efficient in your daily movement and exercise.

It is recommended that you purchase your own set of Franklin Method® Balls and Bands for your own self practice.

Looking forward to a great workshop series!