Complete Core: The Program

Solange’s program is a unique conditioning and strengthening class for post partum moms, at all stages of life, offering individual instruction and technique. The focus is on strengthening the deep core muscles and abdominals through a mix of disciplines including Yoga, Pilates and Physical Therapy based exercises.

The program targets the postural muscles that are challenged daily and teaches moms how to connect, breathe, and feel their abdominals again, and in doing so, increase their overall fitness levels. As a result of this class women are able to move better, breathe more freely and their bodies become more efficient. They get the most out of the time and effort they are putting into their exercise routine.

The program is challenging and aims to progress clients to a level where they are confident about taking complimentary training programs, such as running, cycling, gym or studio workouts, without risk of injury. No one is left behind in the program and clients are progressed at a rate of their individual abilities.

“I teach in a way that helps women reconnect with their deep core muscles and I integrate this into a full body workout. Throughout the class, as we flow through different exercises we always stay connected to our core. Women need this after they have a baby; to stay strong as the mom of a newborn and then with a toddler and to prevent common core related issues as we age.”~ Solange


Downtown Dance Factory

291 Broadway, 5th floor
Studio 3
Thursdays, 9:30am – 10:30am

  • New students please arrive a few minutes early to be checked for abdominal separation and discuss injuries/exercise history prior to the start of class.
  • Bring your own Yoga mat.