Franklin Method® Workshops


I am a level 1 Franklin Method® Educator and offer workshops on Pelvic Power for Core Integration, Relax Your Neck & Liberate Your Shoulders, Imagery Exercises for Strong, Flexible, & Healthy Spine, Imagery Exercises For Strong Healthy Knees.

These workshops teach you healthy movement patterns for your body in daily life and exercise.

  • Be present in your body
  • Learn about the design and function of your anatomy
  • Embody this design and feel how the bones and joints move (their bone rhythms)
  • Use different types of imagery to improve your movement
  • Apply healthy function to all forms of exercise

The benefits include:

  • Better posture
  • Better balance and stability
  • Improved flexibility
  • Reduced tension
  • Feel calmer and less distracted by your thoughts
  • Start using these tools in daily life right away

This is very different than a group fitness class where you are exercising in your current patterns and habitual movements. By understanding your body, you have a better sense of how to use it, you are more aware of what you are doing and can change your patterns. You get the maximum benefit out of your daily movement and exercise.

Complete Core: The Workout

I offer a unique strengthening class for women of all stages of life.

  • Connect to the pelvic floor and deep core muscles
  • Strengthen key postural areas often neglected in group fitness
  • Tone your body through full body dynamic movement and a full range of motion
  • Restore healthy movement patterns for your body.
  • Correct muscle imbalances in your body.

The workout targets postural muscles and functional strengthening. In each class I help participants understand the specific needs for their body and find the right cue for their body to move well. As a result of this class women are able to feel their abdominals again, understand their pelvic floor, move better, breathe more freely and exercise feels right for their body and enjoyable.

I teach in a way that helps women reconnect with their deep core muscles and I integrate this into a full body workout. We do targeted exercises and full body, dynamic work that mirrors daily function. Women need this strengthening after they have a baby, to stay strong as the mom of a newborn, then with a toddler and to prevent common core related issues that occur with aging.


Downtown Dance Factory (Not currently offered)

291 Broadway, 5th floor
Studio 3
Thursdays, 9:30am – 10:30am