Private Sessions

I offer in home physical therapy for women at all stages of life. Prenatally, I work with women to prepare for birth, resolve pregnancy related pain and learn how to relax and elongate the pelvic floor muscles. Postpartum and beyond, I work with women to resolve common pelvic floor and core related issues including incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic floor weakness, pelvic pain/lower back pain, diastasis recti and scar care for C-sections and perineal tears. I help women restore healthy core function, correct muscle imbalances and create a plan on how to care for their body.

I use a holistic, full body approach that looks at breathing, posture, physical demands on the body, habitual patterns, daily movement and exercise. I help my patients connect to their pelvic floor and deep core muscles and build a foundation; I teach my patients to be aware of how their posture and movement patterns affects their condition and empower them with techniques to move in a way that is healthy and beneficial for their body. I include exercises from The Franklin Method, Yoga, Pilates, weight training, stretching, relaxation and release work.

I aim to progress my patients to a level where they are confident about returning to programs, such as running, cycling, gym or studio workouts, without risk of injury. They have the tools to self manage their condition and understand their individual needs and modifications so they can move safely on their own.

As a result women gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of their body. They have an opportunity to rebuild in a way that their body will function optimally. They improve their posture, improve their breathing, have less tension, feel freedom of movement, and they feel better and enjoy movement in daily life and exercise.

I offer exercise consultations and will analyze your current program to make sure that the exercises are appropriate for your goals and you are getting the maximum benefit out of your program.

Each consultation will include:

  • An in depth look at how your body is moving, looking at what parts move well and what parts are stiff
  • Screening For Pelvic Floor Muscle Dysfunctions and Diastasis Recti
  • Looking at breathing and correct breath mechanics and core function
  • Tailor exercises for your specific weaknesses and imbalances and ensure that you are moving through a full range of motion
  • Fill in any gaps so you program is holistic
  • Modifications for any injuries or concerns that you have
  • Postural Education
  • Self Care (myofascial release, foam rolling, muscle release, relaxation exercises)

You will be provided with a written program to use on your own and follow up via email / phone call if needed.

Consultations include the following areas:

  • Pospartum Exercise
  • Prenatal Exercise
  • Corrective Exercise for Diastasis Recti Separation
  • Return to exercise post injury
  • A full body tune up to increase core strength for moms at all stages of life.
  • Exercising with Prolapse
  • Is my exercise class the right fit for me?