The Complete Core Story

Most of us have experienced some form of ache and pain, injury, or discomfort that has prevented us from moving and exercising. But all we want to do is get back to the gym or favorite exercise class. We heal from injury but don’t often look at the cause and fall right back into our patterns.

However to prevent reoccurrence you need to examine the movement and habitual patterns of daily life because these are the most likely causes of chronic pain and overuse injury. This includes how you walk, how you sit, how you bend, stress on the body both physical and mental and static postures. If you expanded your idea about exercise to include what you do in daily life you would get a lot more exercise. And if you had a better understanding of your body you would get the maximum benefit and become more efficient.

Solange Ross began working with new moms in the neighborhood after she had her first baby in 2008. She was working with mothers who were looking for a program to restore their core and reintroduce them to exercise. During this time she saw how the demands of motherhood took a toll on a woman’s body recovering from birth and was seeing an overall disconnect from the core muscles impacting the ability to resume previous levels of exercise. She started to get women coming to her at all different points when they were ready to connect to their body and realized there is an ongoing need well beyond the first year postpartum to focus on the foundation of the body and healthy movement patterns in exercise.

Solange is unique as a physical therapist using her background in pelvic floor therapy and a holistic approach looking at full body movement. Her treatment bridges healthy pelvic floor and core function into daily movement and exercise. Solange has experienced a personal journey as a mom of three children, and it was through her own postpartum challenges and healing that she was inspired to educate and help others.