The Complete Core Story

In New York City we are surrounded with opportunities to get fit, keep fit and work out through a wide range of popular results driven classes, serving all fitness levels. From Bootcamp and Spinning to Yoga, Pilates and Barre there are so many classes and opportunities to train that we could almost experience a different class every day; and this is what some people do.

However, if you are a mother, a mother to be, or simply looking to create balance in your body, you are probably looking for an individualized exercise program; a program that will guide you and focus on your specific needs, in a supportive environment.

As a physical therapist in the fitness industry, Solange Ross has experienced a personal journey as a mom of three children. Using her background in pelvic floor therapy and postpartum rehabilitation, she began helping mothers in the neighborhood who were looking for a program that would reintroduce them to exercise, help strengthen their core, and prevent women’s issues as they age.

“I started to get women coming to me at different points in their lives when they were ready to reconnect with their bodies. I realized there is an ongoing need well beyond the first year postpartum to focus on the foundation of the body and how to exercise in a healthy way.”

And so Complete Core was born.